Stone Keeper's Shards worden verkregen door de quests in Wintergrasp te voltooien of door de dungeon bosses te verslaan wanneer je factie controle heeft over Wintergrasp. De Stone Keeper's Shards kun je gebruiken om verschillende items to kopen bij Alliance 15.gif Knight Dameron <Wintergrasp Quartermaster> of Horde Horde Stone Guard Mukar <Wintergrasp Quartermaster> in Wintergrasp Keep. Je kunt zien hoeveel Stone Keeper's Shards je hebt in de currency tab.


Alliance Horde
Alliance 15.gif80 A Rare Herb Horde Crest [80] Healing with Roses
Alliance Crest [80] Bones and Arrows Horde Crest [80] Bones and Arrows
Alliance Crest [80] Defend the Siege Horde Crest [80] Defend the Siege
Alliance Crest [80] Fueling the Demolishers (Wintergrasp) Horde Crest [80] Fueling the Demolishers (Wintergrasp)
Alliance Crest [80] Fueling the Demolishers (Wintergrasp Fortress) Horde Crest [80] Fueling the Demolishers (Wintergrasp Fortress)
Alliance Crest [80] No Mercy for the Merciless Horde Crest [80] Slay them all!
Alliance Crest [80] Stop the Siege Horde Crest [80] Stop the Siege
Alliance Crest [80] Victory in Wintergrasp Horde Crest [80] Victory in Wintergrasp
Alliance Crest [80] Warding the Warriors Horde Crest [80] Warding the Walls

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