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De Diary of Weavil bevat persoonlijke verhalen van Dr. Weavil, een gestoorde gnome wetenschapper op Alcaz Island. Het dagboek beschrijft waar Dr. Weavil verschillende hoofdstukken van [Draconic For Dummies: Volume II] bewaart. Dit item wordt gebruikt in de quest reeks om de Scepter of the Shifting Sands te bemachtigen.


Dit item dropt van Dr. Weavil op Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh.


Er zijn 9 pagina's in het dagboek.

Diary of Weavil

Dear Diary,

Today, my arch-enemy, Narain Soothfancy, attempted to deceive me by sending cronies to fill his spot at the execution. HIS execution. Can you believe it?

I had gone through all the trouble of devising this diabolical plan to lure him out of that damnable hut and he pulls this? Whatever... Too angry to keep writing. I'll be back later.

Dear Diary,

I left my hide-out in a rage after my last entry. Boy was I angry. I decided to redesign my minions' uniforms to better reflect my angst. I feel a little better but something is missing. I'll be right back...

Dear Diary,

Ok, I'm good now. I beat one of my minions until he wept like a little girl.

Hrm... I feel sort of bad now. Wait a minute! Damnit, I'm an EVIL genius! Evil, you know? I'm so disappointed in myself. Be right back.

Dear Diary,

I gave him a hug and told him to keep up the good work. I feel better now. Keep that between you and me, diary.

Where was I? Oh yes, NARAIN! ARGH!!! I hate that guy. It was Narain, after all, that destroyed the curve on every exam back when we were students at the Gnomeregan Institute of Tinkering.

Fail me out of school, will they? As far as I'm concerned, Gnomeregan got what it deserved!

That's all for today. Sleep tight, diary!

Dear Diary,

I must be getting old. I totally forgot that I was telling you about Narain and his deception. Anyhow, I was so angry when I saw a decoy disguised as Narain instead of Narain that I commanded Number Two to destroy the fool!

I got in my flying machine and began tearing away at his precious, stupid, dumb-head book on Draconic. What a show-off? Who reads Draconic? I hate him so much!

Dear Diary,

Sorry, I fell asleep. So I was flying angry and throwing out chapters of that stupid book. I saw a demon below me in Darkwhisper and decided to make the first chapter form a magical tornado of paper and shred its body into a million pieces! It was liberating. Magic + paper = fun.

That made me pretty happy so I decided to fly to the Eastern Kingdoms. My first stop was the Molten Core. Narain always talked about that place! "Molten Core this and Ragnaros that..."

Well you know what? If he likes it so much, maybe he'll like trying to piece his book back together by going to the Molten Core and reviving the chapter back from a pile of ash! Hah!

While I was in the neighborhood, I figured some of those slavering technicians in ol' Victor Nefarius' lab might have a use for this Draconic stuff. Bombs away!

This was starting to become a sport of sorts. I was really getting into splitting up that damned book!

The next few drops were easy.

Undercity, home of the fetid rotting dead and possibly the best chili I've ever had, got one chapter. Stormwind, capital of Cheese, the other. Diary, have you ever put cheese from Stormwind on Undercity chili? HELLO? That should sound some alarms.

I was getting tired at this point so I turned the flying machine around and headed for home, but not before I would make two more stops. I gave Lord Kazzak and his demons a fly by in the Tainted Scar (he hates when I do that) and stuck another down Onyxia's chimney.

Tired. Going to sleep.

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WoW Icon 16x16.gif Patch 1.9.0 (2006-01-03): Toegevoegd.

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